Vape Troubleshooting Guide

If you have run into some issues with your vape kit or e-liquids why not take a look at our troubleshooting guide below? This covers some of the issues that can be quite common, so don’t worry, what you are experiencing may be an easy fix and save you a visit to your local VPZ store (of course we want to see you but some quick troubleshooting may resolve the issue at home!) If it doesn’t help to resolve the issue we will always be here to lend a helping hand!

Leaking Tanks

If you are experiencing leaking issues with your vape tank there could be a few issues which may be causing this.

Have you checked that the wattage you are using your device at matches the recommended guidelines for your coil? It may be that if you are running the wattage too low your e-liquid is not being vaporised quick enough which will cause leaking as the coil becomes oversaturated, this may be why you are finding e-liquid leaking through air valves at the base of your tank.

Are you using the correct e-liquid for your tank and coil? Leaking may be an indicator that the e-liquid you are using is too thin for the type of coil which is currently in your device. If you are using a sub-ohm tank it is worth bearing in mind that it is recommended to use e-liquids with a high VG content as they are thicker and can prevent these issues.

Have you ensured that your coil is in securely? You may find that your tank and device are vaping as per normal if there is a strong enough connection between your device and coil but it may be that it is not quite tight enough or not in securely allowing a small amount of liquid to pass through to the base / airflow of your tank.

Are all of your seals intact? Each vape tank comes with a set of seals which can be located at the connections where the glass ‘tank’ meets the metal topper and base, this helps to secure the tank together safely and to prevent leaking from connection points. Over time these can become thin and break due to general wear and tear of taking your tank apart to clean or change coils and could contribute to leaking if they are broken or missing. The vast majority of vape tanks will come with spares within the box so make sure to keep a hold of them you may need to swap them out in the future!


As a consumable item coils have a lifespan of anywhere between 2 and 14 days depending on many factors such as wattage, the e-liquids you are using and your vaping habits. If you find that you are a ‘chain vaper’ you may find that your coil does not last as long as a friend that may only vape occasionally, likewise if you use a very sweet e-liquid instead of a menthol e-liquid.

If you are experiencing a burnt coil, it may be that the wattage of your device is above the recommended guideline for your coil. Using a wattage that is too high for your coil to handle will eventually result in it burning out, you can identify this by taste, smell and even discoloration of the e-liquid within your tank. We would always recommend checking the wattage range of your coil when you replace it to prevent this happening.

If you have been using your coil for a while and it has started to taste a little bit ‘off’ it may be an indicator that it is time to replace it. You will find the more and more you use a coil the flavour may start to change or that it may weaken as the coil reaches the end of it’s lifespan, if in doubt chuck it out (responsibly!)

If you can’t taste your e-liquid anymore, it may be a case of what we call vaper’s tongue (yes this is a real thing!) Sometimes when you absolutely love a flavour and vape it for an extended period of time you become so used to it that it can almost lose its flavour, bizarre we know, we find that taking a break and having a vape of a simple menthol or mint flavour in between can really help this issue and refresh the taste buds!

Eliquid issues 

Has your e-liquid changed in colour? This may be slightly unsettling to notice at first but this is actually quite normal! For example, if you were to purchase a custard based e-liquid which tends to be slightly yellow in colour and place this in direct sunlight, it will eventually turn amber! This doesn’t mean that it is a defect or that it has gone off. E-liquids can react over time to direct sunlight or even oxygen once they have been opened, not to mention steeping over time. To be honest e-liquid itself doesn’t really ‘go off’ what happens is the nicotine degrades over time once it hits the expiry date, this will affect the strength of your e-liquid but it will still be safe to use.

My tank isn’t working! 

If you find that your tank isn’t working there may be an issue with the connection between your coil and your device. If you look carefully at the connection point on your device and the base of your coil you will notice small flat pins, these need to meet cleanly together to ensure a strong connection for your kit to work. It may be worth checking if there is anything blocking this connection in the well of your device. It could be that there is beloved pocket fluff or grit! It is always worth checking that your coil is secure and the tank is screwed on tightly too, especially if your device is reading ‘no atomizer’.

What should I do if I have health concerns regarding vaping?

We would always recommend that you contact your GP prior to contacting us as we are not medical professionals and cannot advise on medical issues.

How to clean your vape kit

It’s been a month, you’re at the tail end of your pack of coils and your tank is starting to look like it has seen better days, the performance is lacking and overall you just miss that sleek, eye catching shine that your tank had when it was first purchased. Simple solution – clean it!

Maintenance is key to a happy vaper and a healthy device, much like replacing your coil because it becomes old and quite frankly gross when overused, you should clean your tank out when you get the chance – this will keep your e-liquids tasting fresh and so that you get maximum flavour!

So let’s get to it, we find that the below step by step guide works best with all tanks.

1. Fill a clean bowl with warm water.

2. Detach your tank from your device and dispose of any remaining liquid that may still be in your tank.

3. Disassemble your tank and dispose of your old coil if you wish to replace this.

4. Take your disassembled vape tank and place each part into your bowl of warm water

5. Wash each piece of your tank gently until clean, use a very small amount of dish soap if your tank has stubborn grime!

6. Once clean, pat dry each component with a paper towel and then leave to air dry for a further 10 minutes before re-assembling.

Looking to clean your old coils? Don’t bother – no matter how many times you try to clean them there is no miracle that will make them fresh and fluffy again, you will need to replace them so make sure to check out our range of coils and have a spare ready for when this needs to be replaced. 

When should I change my coil?

Is your vape starting to taste a little bit .. off? Perhaps it’s time to change that coil!

There are a few key things to look out for which may be a good indicator that it is time to finally change your coil – taste in flavour can certainly be one of them, as your vape coil is heated over and over again with e-liquid flowing through, over time this eventually burns the wick and materials so that they can no longer be used, this can cause lack of flavour and even browning of your e-liquid – best to change that!

If your vape tank has suddenly started slowly leaking e-liquid or you are finding that it is gurgling, this can also be a sign that your vape coil needs to be changed. A good general rule of thumb that the lifespan of a coil is between 2 and 14 days. If you have been using a coil longer than 14 days, we would definitely recommend changing this!

The lifespan of a coil is dependent on many factors such as your choice of e-liquid, sweet e-liquids that contain a lot of additional sweeteners are nicknamed coil destroying for this very reason, they taste absolutely delicious but will cost you your coil. The lifespan can also become shorter if you are an avid vaper that goes through e-liquid flavours like no tomorrow, try to limit yourself to a couple of flavours instead of running a full range through one coil – this will help you in the long run.

If in doubt – swap it out! You can find our full range of vape coils here, as always if you are unsure which coil is suitable for your device, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.