Apples & Bananas | Hybrid – Diamond THCA-Infused Pre-Rolls – 1.5GThree-Pack


The heaviest hitting joint.


Thca diamond infused pre roll. Heavy Hitters Diamond THCA Joints are hand rolled with sticky. Premium indoor flower sourced from California’s premier growers. Visibly infused with rough-cut 99%+ pure THCA Diamonds. These heavy hitting joints offer a substantially more potent, incredibly cerebral high.


Crafted for true flower enthusiasts, we seek out rare and hard-to-get strains. From landrace classics to innovative genetics. We rotate our Diamond menu to provide the best available options.


Apples and bananas may be part of a balanced breakfast, but Apples and Bananas is a balanced hybrid that can help you start your day or wind it down. As you’d expect, this centered hybrid tastes like sour apple and smooth, sweet banana, but there’s a bit of an earthy funk to the flavor too. The aroma is a totally different story: sweet chemicals and fuel, all wrapped around a happy, creative combo that’s perfect for all occasions.


Strain Type: Hybrid

Taste Profile: Apple, Banana, Earth

Effect Profile: Happy, Creative, Relaxed

Lineage: A complicated lineage: Platinum Cookies are crossed with Grandaddy Purple, and the result is bred with Blue Power. THEN, that result is crossed with Gelatti. Talk about a family tree.


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Thca diamond infused pre roll


Thca diamond infused pre roll. Crafting Apples & Bananas, a hybrid strain infused with THCA diamonds, into pre-rolls requires a meticulous production process. Marrying expertise in cultivation, extraction, and rolling.

Firstly, premium cannabis strains are selected for cultivation, ensuring they possess the desired characteristics of flavor, potency, and aroma. These strains undergo controlled growth environments. With precise monitoring of factors like temperature, humidity, and light cycles to optimize their development.

At the peak of maturity, the plants are harvested with care to preserve the delicate trichomes containing cannabinoids and terpenes. These trichomes are crucial for the strain’s potency and flavor profile. Following harvest, the buds undergo a precise extraction process to isolate. THCA diamonds, pure crystalline forms of THCA with immense potency.

Meanwhile, high-quality rolling papers are sourced, ensuring they meet safety and quality standards. These papers are then expertly filled with a blend of ground cannabis flower. And THCA diamonds, meticulously measured to ensure consistency across each pre-roll.

Next comes the rolling process, where skilled artisans craft each pre-roll with precision and care. The blend of ground flower. THCA diamonds is evenly distributed within the rolling paper. Creating a smooth and consistent smoking experience. Care is taken to ensure each pre-roll is tightly packed to prevent runs and ensure an even burn.

Once rolled, the pre-rolls undergo a final inspection to ensure they meet quality standards. Any imperfections are addressed, and the pre-rolls are then carefully packaged to preserve their freshness and potency.

In conclusion, producing Apples & Bananas Diamond THCA-Infused Pre-Rolls requires expertise at every stage, from cultivation and extraction to rolling and packaging. By prioritizing quality and consistency, producers can deliver a premium product that delights consumers with its potency and flavor.





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