Granddaddy Purple | Indica -Ultra Extract High Purity Oil-1G Vape Cartridge


Heavy Hitters Ultra Extract represents the pinnacle of cannabis purity. Combining top-tier input material and uncompromising quality control, Heavy Hitters benchmark oil delivers an ultra pure, perfectly-crafted cannabis experience. Ultra Extract is sourced from the top 1% of California indoor flower and extracted within 30 days of harvest. The result is clear, smooth oil with exceptional taste. Each cartridge is subjected to six independent quality checks, ensuring an exceptionally reliable vape experience. Ultra Extract is crafted with 100% cannabis-native terpenes and contains up to 95% THC.


Heavy Hitters’ GrandDaddy Purple is a tasty indica with a powerful combination of sweet berry taste and delicious grape undertones. Potent effects will clear you mind and body, delivering cerebral euphoria and physical relaxation.


Strain Type: Indica

Taste Profile: Sweet Berry, Grape, Fruity

Effect Profile: Cerebral Euphoria, Physical Relaxation, Full-body, Sleepy

Lineage: Purple Urkle crossed with Bug Bud



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Crafting a 1G Vape Cartridge of Granddaddy Purple Ultra Extract High Purity Oil entails a meticulous process integrating expertise in cultivation, extraction, and formulation.

Initially, superior Granddaddy Purple cannabis strains are meticulously chosen for their exceptional qualities. Ensuring they embody the desired flavor, potency, and aroma. These strains undergo cultivation in controlled environments where factors like temperature, humidity. And light cycles are carefully monitored to optimize growth and potency.

Upon reaching peak maturity, the Granddaddy Purple plants are harvested with precision to preserve the delicate trichomes containing cannabinoids and terpenes. These trichomes are crucial for the strain’s potency and flavor profile. Following harvest. A specialized extraction process is employed to isolate high-purity cannabis oil, rich in cannabinoids and terpenes.

The extracted oil undergoes thorough testing to ensure it meets safety and quality standards. Free from contaminants and impurities. This step is pivotal to guarantee the purity and potency of the final product.

Simultaneously, high-quality vape cartridges are sourced, meeting stringent safety and quality standards. These cartridges are designed to deliver a smooth and consistent vaping experience while preserving the integrity of the oil.

Formulation becomes an exacting process; skilled technicians blend the Granddaddy Purple oil. With natural terpenes to enhance flavor and aroma while maintaining potency. The resulting formulation is meticulously measured to ensure consistency across each cartridge.

Upon completion, the vape cartridges undergo a final inspection to meet stringent quality standards. Any imperfections are addressed. And the cartridges are carefully packaged to preserve freshness and potency.

In conclusion, crafting a Granddaddy Purple Ultra Extract High Purity Oil Vape Cartridge demands expertise at every stage. Ensuring quality and consistency to deliver a premium product that delights consumers with its flavor and potency.


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