Banana OG | Hybrid – Ultra Extract High Purity Oil – 1G Vape Cartridge


Heavy Hitters Ultra Extract represents the pinnacle of cannabis purity. Combining top-tier input material and uncompromising quality control, Heavy Hitters benchmark oil delivers an ultra pure, perfectly-crafted cannabis experience. Ultra Extract is sourced from the top 1% of California indoor flower and extracted within 30 days of harvest. The result is clear, smooth oil with exceptional taste. Each cartridge is subjected to six independent quality checks, ensuring an exceptionally reliable vape experience.


Ultra Extract is crafted with 100% cannabis-native terpenes and contains up to 95% THC.


A true hybrid with the classic piney and earthy flavors of a true OG kush blended with sweet bananas, Heavy Hitters’ Banana OG produces a heavily relaxing body high and calming mental effect.


Strain Type: Hybrid

Taste Profile: Piney, Earthy, Sweet Bananas

Effect Profile: Relaxing, Full-body, Bliss

Lineage: OG Kush x Banana Kush

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Banana OG Strain

Banana OG | Hybrid – Ultra Extract High Purity Oil – 1G Vape Cartridge offers a premium vaping experience. With a distinctive blend of flavors and effects. This high-quality oil is derived from the renowned Banana OG strain. A hybrid celebrated for its exceptional potency and balanced effects. Each 1G vape cartridge is crafted with meticulous care. Ensuring an ultra-pure extract that delivers a smooth, flavorful, and consistent hit every time.

Banana OG Strain is a hybrid strain that combines the best attributes of its parent strains: OG Kush and Banana. The result is a tantalizing aroma and taste profile that blends sweet. Tropical banana with earthy undertones, providing a deliciously smooth and enjoyable vaping experience. Making each puff a delightful journey into the tropics.

Banana OG’s effects are known for inducing a deep sense of relaxation and euphoria. Making it an ideal choice for unwinding after a long day. It helps in alleviating stress, anxiety, and pain.

The Ultra Extract High Purity Oil guarantees a clean. Potent product free from additives and impurities. This ensures that you get the most authentic experience of the Banana OG . With all its natural cannabinoids and terpenes preserved in the extract. The 1G vape cartridge is designed for ease of use. With a universal 510 thread that fits most vape pens and batteries.

Experience the tropical delight and soothing effects of Banana OG  with this high-quality hybrid vape cartridge. Perfect for those who value purity, flavor. And a balanced high. This product promises satisfaction with every puff.


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